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8/24/2016 - Blood Drive: September 8, 2016, 2:00 p.m -7:00 p.m. Donating blood is safe and easy, and takes less than an hour. One blood donation can help as many as three or four people in need. In what other activity can you do so much in so little time? Click Here to register!

8/18/2016 -  Rally Day - August 28, 2016. Rally Day is Friedens’ start to a new and exciting year of Christian Education! Bring your backpack with you when you attend worship on August 28. Pastor House will be blessing teachers and students of all ages along with their backpacks on this day!







PRAISE God born unto us SEEK Christ like the first Wise Men TEACH disciples of the Kingdom SHARE the Good News of the cross SERVE the Risen Christ INVITE all the world to know its King



Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church
1076 Memorial Highway (Route 73/662)
Oley, PA 19547

Rev. Donna M. House, Pastor
Kathleen Schaeffer, Director of Learning Ministries
Richard C. Wolf, Pastor Emeritus